Mix & Match: Modern, rural villa

Located in beautiful Deurle, this customer built with Vlassak-Verhulst for the second time. It is always a pleasure to realise a tailor-made design for an experienced client.


This new-build villa has a classical exterior, in which recycled roof tiles play a prominent role. The terrace and walkway are covered with clay pavers. Cross-wood windows and doors add traditional charm, while the outdoor swimming pool adds a modern touch.

Both inside and outside, the interior blends modern and rural elements and plays with a light color palette and natural, timeless materials such as clay pavers and bluestone. The interior is given a contemporary touch through the use of mortex, oak veneer and wrought iron door frames.

  • Kitchen

    The kitchen is modern with handleless cupboard walls.

  • Bathroom

    The bathroom gets a contemporary character with a microtopping floor.

  • Finish

    Classical shutters frame decorate the windows.

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