New-build villa with modern charm

The owners of this house absolutely wanted a patio and windows that extend to the first floor, which provides beautiful light and a view of the garden. They didn’t want any “wasted” space. For example, instead of an imposing stairwell, the stairs have been discreetly concealed. The entrance door deliberately flows together with the entire window of the patio and is therefore not noticeable at all. High ceilings and wide corridors contribute to a feeling of space. The result is a very livable home that exudes a holiday atmosphere.

The fusion of styles and materials, both inside and outside, gives the home its unique appearance. The wooden planking and the thatched roof add a rustic and charming touch, while the sleek lines of the high steel windows and doors give a contemporary touch to the whole.

In the interior, the natural character is reinforced with light and natural materials, mainly wood in various shades, which creates a warm and inviting feeling. A nice detail is the wooden wall at the bed end, providing texture. The garden comes to life thanks to the outdoor swimming pool with mosaic cladding.

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