Cosy home in connection with nature

The residents of this house did not want a house that was too large, but above all a cosy home where they could connect with nature. With respect for the unique framework and the original architecture and soul, this house from the 1960s has been thoroughly renovated without changing the volume of the main building. The garden is integrated into the house from every room, resulting in beautiful views in every season. The interior is timeless with classical touches. Natural and warm materials provide a beautiful, inviting, cosy and serene atmosphere.


The annex was newly built in the style of the existing house, down to the farmer’s wickerwork in the facade. The extension houses a parking lot on the ground floor, an elegant, classic library and a high-quality office on the top floor, given a contemporary look and especially designed for quiet work and reading. Both the cabinets and the desk have been created by our craftsmen. The office is further embellished with Giorgetti furniture.

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