Vlassak-Verhulst head office as the epitome of a Vlassak-Verhulst renovation

Our head office reflects not only our knowledge, expertise and craftsmanship, but also the atmosphere of our renovations. In this renovation our signature becomes clearly visible: classical architecture, contemporary interior and bold, characterful materials blend into a beautiful whole.

Classical architecture - Contemporary interior

Starting from a ruin tracing back to 1657, after an intensive permit process, a very challenging renovation was started with great respect for this classified building. Originally a monastery, the building was restored and renovated with utmost respect for the materials and the original architecture. Symmetry and axis formation, important elements of the original building, have been preserved and strengthened. Where possible, the moldings were restored, marbles restored and the columns recast according to the model. The windows of the chapel were also completely recreated using techniques from yesteryear to minimize the difference and draw the outside in.


Inside, you will find classical elements combined with contemporary comfort. The office is equipped with the latest technologies. Acoustic panels decorate the walls like works of art. The interior is completely thought out and executed by our own interior and carpentry department. To illustrate the craftsmanship custom made tables with fragmented tabletops decorate the office, hinting to the fragmented light that enters through the old monastery windows.

Focus on materials

The focus in our renovations is the multitude and daring combinations of materials and well-thought-out design. On the top floor, all the latest materials are presented and mood boards come to life. The shelves on the back wall follow the curves of the walls and showcase all the materials used throughout the office.

In the reception, a warm and welcoming feeling is created by a fascinating combination of different shapes and materials. Bold natural stone is combined with stylish brass. Also two distinct marbles flow harmoniously together. Custom woven curtains follow the progression of color from the floor to the ceiling, with a gold thread in the center  highlights the gold accents in the room.

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