"Luxury is in the details"

Worldly new-build villa with eye for detail

This new-build villa embodies contemporary style with attention to unique details in the design, bringing together modern elements and warm materials. The family was inspired by their many travels and loves ‘worldly’ materials that are not native to Belgium and the Netherlands. This is reflected in the interior in various ways, for example in the parquet in walnut and wenge in combination with mahogany and dark oak. The fusion of these materials with marble, bronze etc. provides the villa with its own character and gives a warm appearance.

  • Facade

    The facade plaster is accentuated by a frame with a staircase effect, creating a striking architectural detail. The emphasis on verticality in the facade is reinforced by high windows and doors.

  • Material

    A natural stone porch with a wooden door gives a warm and rustic character.

  • Kitchen

    The open kitchen is a harmonious fusion of dark and light materials. The use of natural stone supplemented with brass or bronzed details adds a touch of elegance and refinement to the space.

  • Bathroom

    The bathroom emphasizes horizontal lines through a grooved effect. This adds an interesting texture to the space.

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