21 Feb 2023


Renovation historical buildings: Windmill Hoeke-Damme restored in its glory by Vlassak-Verhulst

From story to restoring

What was initially a technique by his parents to keep their children calm in the back seat, is today the beginning of a beautiful story. “As we got older, we saw that the mill was decaying. We couldn’t let that happen. So we looked for the owner and proposed our project.”

Since 2012, the mill has been restored to its former glory and is running again. This doens’t only contribute to the landscape, but also to the local culture and traditional miller craftsmanship. Today you can get fresh flour again from Lucas De Clerq.

"When we drove to Knokke as children, the first of us who saw the Hoeke mill got an ice cream. There we were, staring at the horizon for 60 km until we got there. - Maxime Verhulst, Manager Vlassak-Verhulst"

Craftmanship and innovation

A piece of heritage and a strong example of craftsmanship. And above all, a passion project that reflects Vlassak-Verhulst’s vision. Every renovation balances between authentic craftsmanship and innovation, between past and present, and between outside and inside.

Memories from your childhood, a glorious history… Every home has a story. Together with you, Vlassak-Verhulst writes a new chapter respecting  the previous chapter.

"When renovating historic buildings, the trick is to respect the building and its rich history. Authenticity is always key. - Maxime Verhulst"