"Seeking balance between past and present"

Tasteful renovation of restaurant 'Brabohoeve'

The renovation of this restaurant strikes a beautiful balance between authentic and modern elements. The original character of the structure is carefully preserved and appreciated. The building has been completely renovated and everything was dismantled. The foundations and intermediate floors have been removed, after which the whole has been reorganized and rebuilt. Also a new roof covering and insulation have been installed. The raw character of the original walls has been retained and fits perfectly into the atmosphere of the restaurant. Belgian materials such as Belgian marble are mainly used, which is of great importance to the owners. Clay pavers add a rustic charm and blend naturally into the whole. The open kitchen gives an inviting atmosphere. Warm ocher and burgundy tones add a touch of elegance. The comfort of the guests is key, with special attention to acoustics, and also the techniques have been subtly hidden.

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