Family cottage home

An English cottage house on the coast, once built for the family, has now collected holiday memories for several generations, was in need of a big renovation. The style of the house was retained, but was given a real upgrade. The result is a practical and stylish family home. In particular the classic, stylish kitchen with colorful floor creates pleasant family moments.

The overtone throughout the entire home is white, but each room has its own accents.

Floor patterns, rich materials, solid plank floors, custom work with framings, a stair carpet, wallpaper and curtains create a surprising, warm and inviting environment with a typical English undertone. Completely in line English tapware and porcelain are also used in the bathrooms, hinting to the past of this house.

Construction challenges


    At the customer's request, we started looking for custom made wooden roller shutters, which are very scarce today. Mission accomplished!


    The foundations inside the house were completely renovated, all floors were broken out and modern technologies such as underfloor heating were installed. chauffage par le sol.

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